How To Get Rich From Drop Servicing?

Dropshipping is nice, but drop servicing is better. Imagine cashing out daily from someone else sweat without dealing with bad-stock products? 

Drop servicing is not a new concept in the digital industry. It’s also known as service arbitrage. You charge a customer for X amount of money and deliver a service done by someone else at a lower cost. There is nothing wrong with reselling the services of others and making money from the price difference. I will show you how to create a sustainable and profitable drop service business in a later section. 

There are tons of digital workers out there and with the current global uncertainties, more people are shifting to remote jobs. If you go through reputable online marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Konker, to name a few, drop service can be one of the easiest ways to make money. 

The trick to making money in this business is to do market research, introduce a unique service, and consistently provide high-quality work to your customers. 

Here are 3 reasons why drop service is a profitable business:

#1 – More people are working remotely. 

It is one of the most profitable business models you can use today and it is an excellent opportunity to grow your business. The world is going online faster than ever, and there is no better time to start building a life of financial freedom. There are people and companies that need your services, and you can be the person who provides them with those services profitably. Drop service is a great way to earn money online without spending too much time learning new skills. 

#2 – A relatively easy compared to drop shipping. 

Drop shipping is an online business where you sell physical products to your customers without holding stocks. Although it is easy to set up a drop shipping company, competition tends to be quite strong and profit margins can be inferior, especially in the early stages unless you buy in bulk. On the contrary, the profit you are getting in drop servicing is higher than what you can earn in a drop shipping business.

#3 – Drop servicing has less competition than drop shipping

In this business model, you don’t have to sell hundreds of products to make a good profit each month. Drop service business offers you the opportunity to earn more money as you sell higher-ticket services. It is a business model where you sell services that are not being physically delivered, such as outsourcing work to a freelancer or agency to complete the project, while you as the middle man, is only responsible for selling the service to the customer. 

To run a profitable drop ship home business, you have to find your niche in the market. There is no doubt that you will make more money than drop shipping if you sell high ticket prices compared to selling hundreds of dropshipping products in 30 days. You have better quality control in your business compared to the dropship with inferior products. 

All you need to do to start a drop service business is identify a service that you can sell for a premium, find someone willing to work for less, and then set up a website to advertise it. Many so-called coaches and gurus sell this idea and profit from their training tools and affiliate links, which offer various other services. 

Another example is to offer digital services, web design, copywriting, or press release for quick cash. Business owners love to get featured on news sites such as ABC, FOXNews, CNBC, and you can be the expert. You can offer a press release service for a cosmetic surgeon in your area, charge at least $200 per release, and then hire a reputable vendor from the marketplace for $79 to get the job done with a white label report. That’s an instant 60% profit without doing anything else than just clicking your mouse. Next, you can find another surgeon in a different city and repeat the process. 

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