Grown-up in an entrepreneurial family, Richard is used to making his own money since his early childhood. His parents do not always provide what he wanted but encouraged him to work towards his goal.

This has shaped Richard during his study at Wisconsin college, where he began to learn about digital advertising. After completing his Bachelor in International Business and Technology, Richard worked on 3 different agencies as a growth marketer. His vast experience has led him to his success, leading 5 world-class companies and speaking on prestigious stages.

After testing different business models, a deal closer, franchise, drop shipping, and online retail to name a few, Richard found his passion in drop servicing.

He found it exciting and gives him a lesser headache, more freedom, and more profit than other business models he has tried before. After trial and error, he simplifies his success formula and pours the nuggets on his FREE ebook. For his fans who want to have the same success, he offers Drop Servicing Course for Beginners that opens only once a year, so be sure to subscribe to this blog.

What Does Richard do in his free time?
Like many other successful people, he often read motivational and investment books if he’s not engaged with speaking and coaching. On another occasion, he is often seen in his kitchen or play with Mr. Bernie, his 5-yr old cat.